Are Carbs Good for Weight Loos
20 Sep

Are Carbs Good for Weight Loos

Today, I wanted to tell you about carbs. You probably know that there are three types of carbs: simple, complex, and fibrous. Simple carbs are easy (honey, sweets, white bread, etc.) – they digest fast.
The mechanism is not complicated – sugar in blood spikes, and then drops down fast as well. As a result, you feel hungry. Glycemic product index and insulin play a huge role in this process.
It is like taping a painting to a wall – easy, but it will not last long. Tape unsticks, a painting falls.

Complex carbs,

for example:

- whole wheat breads, pastas, and flour

- brown rice

- sweet potato

- quinoa

- beans, etc.

takes a long time to digest, level of sugar in blood slowly raises and drops down, you don’t get hungry right away. It’s like nailing a painting to the wall – looks beautiful and lasts long.
Moreover, finally let’s talk about fibrous carbs – fiber (for example whole grains, beans, vegetables, and some fruits) is the best option to stay slim. Fiber (thick fibers) swell in the stomach, and you stay full for a long time, and on top of that, organism requires much energy to digest it.

I will tell you more about other beneficial fiber properties in the next posts.
So, if you would like to be slim, you should choose complex carbs and fiber, because they are perfect for long-term energy storage.
If you consume them, you will not feel hungry for a long time.

I recommend choosing whole grains, coarse grinding pasta, etc. In my program on how to stay slim: “Olga’s Slim Secrets” I will tell you more about carbs in our body, and I love to share recipes that not only keep you full, but also help to get rid of extra kilos.

Write me in direct to order this program. Thus, I can assure you that our organism needs the right carbs, and they help you become slim.

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