Is eating too much salt bad for you?
20 Sep

Is eating too much salt bad for you?

Have You ever faced the problem of edemas? It is a common thing during PMS or overuse of salty food. Or you follow a proper diet, however, your extra weight does not disappear. What is the problem? The answer could be very simple – there is too much salt in the body!

Our body contains about 150-300 g of salt, on average, it loses about 3-20 g a day. We compensate this loss with meals every day. Our body needs salt, as it plays an important role in creating bone tissues, muscle relaxation and so on.
Sometimes we take too much salt, it leads to water retention in the body and promotes weight increase and many diseases. People think that if we drink less water, we’ll have fewer edemas, but everything is vice versa, we need to drink 2-3 liters of water a day to get rid of edemas, as water removes the excess salt out of the body. Besides, according to the research performed in London university Queen Mary extra weight and stomach fat can be due to the excess of sodium which is mainly in salt.

I think you will agree with me that is strong argument to reduce salt in your diet. For example, those who suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension) should pay serious attention to the amount of salt they take.

German nutrition society recommends 6 g of salt per day for adults. In general, the amount of salt should not be higher than 10 g per day.
In fact, we take much more salt even without knowing it. Salt is everywhere even in gingerbread. It can be called “hidden salt” as in case with sugar. When buying food products pay attention to the package label where it is always written how much salt this or that product contains per 100 g.

I have to admit, I used to like salty food, well, it was impossible to imagine salad “dressed herring” :)) Feeling of holiday and that kind of things, but then I understood how it can be easily replaced and it was much better.

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