At 30 Days Challenge, our nutrition program is tailored to make sure that our nutrition and diet plans are balanced, effortless and easy. We hand pick only those foods that are calorie efficient – ones contain the most amount of healthy nutrients and no “empty” calories. Since we promote balance, we also give you the freedom to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. Rather than placing restrictions, we educate you to make better diet choices – yet still allow you to have a life. Enjoy dinners with friends, or even have a drink without ever feeling like you are doing something wrong!

We will only give you Advices that really work. Imagine that you are in a circle of best friends who help you archive you goals.

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Meet Olita

Meet Olita, the founder of 30 days body & mind challenge, has developed a Dubai based online platform for coaching on fitness, weight loss, weight gain, sports, nutrition, motivation, and life coaching. Her mission is to encourage and add value to each and every person, and transform their body and mind in just 30 days. Based on great wellbeing and experience, she aims to promote a healthy, happy and active lifestyle in line with the clients desired goal. Olita is also an avid chef which is very good for the mind.

More about Olita

Meet Olga

Welcome My Dears!

If you are tired of "wonder diets" that bring only short- term effects, after which  the weight comes back with additional fat mass, and if you, like me, enjoy eating tasty food without gaining additional weight, then our 30 Days Challenge is exactly what you need!

My name is Olga, and I am 37 years old. I am a consultant for healthy nutrition and weight loss.

Healthy, balanced nutrition (taking into account other important factors) is the key to success for achieving your ideal weight and obtaining more energy for  your whole body! 

Our 30 Days Challenge is based on scientific approach, professional and life experience.

We created 30 Days Challenge which includes important information on healthy nutrition, recipes for tasty dishes which can be cooked quickly and recommendations about the right nutrition for weight loss and health improvement.

You will learn what factors influence the feeling of hunger and why you have failed to reduce weight so far, even though you followed some rules of healthy nutrition.

Most important of all: you will always feel full (thanks to correctly chosen and combined products) while losing weight at the same time!


The search is over. 30 Days Challenge is a leading authority in personal and total body transformation. We can help you look and feel your very best. Get weight loss, weight gain, nutrition and muscle building results fast. Benefit at the same time from workouts and training that we pair with healthy food advices and your lifestyle. Our award winning training delivers life-changing results. Most importantly of all, we make our training programs fun, social, and suitable for all pre-existing fitness levels. We can help you build a lean, fit, and perfect physique.


- Goal setting Support (Weight loss, Muscle gain, Tone up or Maintenance)

- Workout and Food Plan Structure

- Positive and healthy Mindset

- Healthy food Advice

- Nutritional Facts

- Smart Food Replacements

- Healthy Recipes

- Guilt free Deserts

- Daily Exercises

- Wellbeing and overall Health Tips

- Daily Motivation

- Guidelines of healthier Lifestyle

- 24/7 online Support

- Guaranteed Results

  • Elena - Kiev



    Thank you so much, 30 Days Challenge changed a lot. Olita, you are always positive - appreciate anything coming from you! I have learnt the proper techniques from expert trainer. I really enjoyed it. This is excellent way to bring the team together. Thank you, Darling

  • Tatiana - Spain



    I became a winner of the challenge on a distance coaching. I lost 10 kg in 30 days. It didn't stop me from getting best guidance and support from the coaches. Will be joining the next challenge as more results to come im sure. No starvation involved, but balance lifestyle. Also useful phychological support i have avhieved during this month. Thanks ill be back

  • Zabi - Dubai



    Dear Olita, I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness. It would be impossible to count all the ways that you've helped me in shaping me up 7 Habits .... 1.Meditation with Visualization 2.Affirmations 3.Exercise 4.Diet 5.Sleep 6.Gratitude 7.Discipline Thank you so so much for all that you've done for pushing me for my Better version

  • Mila - Miami



    A lot of work, a lot of stress, lack of time for myself led to the fact that I was ashamed to be outside on the beach in my swimming suit. I decided to bring it to an end and to start taking care of myself. Thank you so much Olga, I managed to get back my beautiful figure and to become much more self-assured.

  • Mehdi - France



    Hi Olita, I want to bring to your attention that i noticed a huge improvement in my health. As you know im diabetic type 1 wich is the one where I have to inject insuline to reduce my sugar levels in my blood. Since i started doing all you send in the group IM NOT INJECTING ANY INSULINE and my sugar is very stable close to normal (70-160 max). Im sure the healthy food helps a lot. So thanks a lot for what you are doing and god bless u-10kgs in 30 days achieved!

  • Nataliya - Zurich



    I am happy to share the results of my participation in the healthy diet program developed by Olga Wings. I’ve known Olga for quite a long time, and I’ve always been surprised by her ability to complete perfectly whatever she has started. The same has happened to her healthy diet program. If talking about me, really, I am not a person who can go on a diet, I love to eat everything, but I don’t overeat. I’ve never had any problems with extra weight, but suddenly I seemed to get 5 extra kilos. To be honest, I was lazy to lose them. All my life I have kept within strict limits of what I can or can’t eat, but this time I relaxed and gained weight. I can also say that I got some issues with my health in addition, so I realized it was time to change something. I sent a request to the universe, and shortly I found what I had been looking for. At first, I was slightly skeptical, but Olga’s example, and my desire to feel better and lose weight supported and pushed me a lot. I can only say that the most difficult is to make the first step, that is, to go to the store and buy all the necessary products, then all will go like clockwork. I started eating more grains, which I never used to eat, excluded potatoes and other products made of white flour; now I purchase only wholegrain food. Moreover, I gave up coffee and alcohol, but I drink 2 liters of water a day and prefer herbal tea. Of course, I don’t eat any salty and spicy things. After 3 weeks my health problems practically disappeared, and I lost 2 kilos, I’d like to notice that I didn’t follow Olga’s advice 100%. I could allow myself to have some buns or a piece of chocolate in the evening. Nevertheless, there was a good result. Now my diet includes 70% grains; earlier it was only 5%. Everything depends on your habits. Of course, Olga’s constant participation in the process was a pleasure. At any moment you could ask any question, and you would ALWAYS get a competent answer. Additionally, the site is so conveniently arranged that there is no need to write or remember anything. The programme does everything, even recipes! You just take your phone, go to the store, buy products and cook food. Fast, tasty and healthy! Olga, I wish you great luck, please, keep on inspiring us by your positive life energy and belief that everything will be fine! I am looking forward to your new delicious recipes.

  • David - Dubai



    I have lost 14 kgs during few challenges. I have managed to drop my weight in healthy ways, get use to healthy food options, follow the routine and stay disciplined. Great coaches with good sense of humour and common sense. Would highly recommend 30 days challenge.

  • Antra - London



    Hi all. I can wear outfits that now sit perfect on me. Developed more discipline, dedication, persistence... The best part I love about feeling healthier- glowing skin, slim waistline. Things what I kinda knew are good but had no time to do - dry skin brushing, water intake, salt reduction is just a norm now and feels great. Main result for me - lost 12 kg, reduced my waistline by 11cm and got rid of unhealthy eating habbits. And it all starts in mind. I moved from "kinda knowing what I want" to "feeling how it feels and wanting to keep there". Thanx, Olita. Your food tips- are great. And way you give feedback and motivate is really focused and to the point.

  • Irina - Stuttgart, Germany


    Stuttgart, Germany

    Olya, in general, I tried to follow our diet plan, but… sometimes I substituted products… and I ate other products. It is so hard to avoid trying, especially when cooking for the entire family. A spoon here, a spoon there… However, I rarely feel thirsty. To be honest, I don’t drink even 1,5 liters on some days. Generally, I don’t feel hungry if I maintain 4-hour timing. I pay more attention to the product composition more often… I am delighted because I realized that I could lose weight without any strict diets. Of course, if I had not broken the rules, I could have lost more. I am quite aware of that. I would like to thank you for all your work and wish you success in your work!

  • Abdullah - Saudi Arabia


    Saudi Arabia

    Great food guidance during Ramadan Challenge, learnt to remove heavy carbs at night and weight started to drop-off. Great energy in the group, i felt super motivated and had clear pucture of the action plan which did wonders to my body and mind. Now my next step is to move onto bodybuilding as i have lost 12 kgs and feel lighter and more confident! Thanks girls for supporting us from all over the World.



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