Certified consultant for healthy nutrition and weight loss


If you were tired from "wonder diets" which bring only short- term effects after which kilograms come back with additional fat mass, if you, like myself, like eating tasty food without gaining additional weight, then my program is exactly what you need!

My name is Olga Wings (Dietrich), I am 35 years old. I am a certified consultant for healthy nutrition and weight loss.

The healthy, balanced nutrition (taking into account other important factors) is the key to success in achieving ideal weight you obtaining new life energy for your whole body!

My program is based on scientific approach, professional and life experience.

I developed a nutrition plan which includes important information on healthy nutrition, recipes of tasty dishes which can be cooked quickly and recommendations about right nutrition for weight loss and health improvement.

You will learn what factors influence the feeling of hunger and why you so far have failed to reduce weight although you followed some rules of healthy nutrition.

The most important of all: you will be always feel full (thanks to correctly chosen and combined products) while losing weight at the same time!

The healthy balanced nutrition is the key to success in achieving an ideal figure!

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