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  • Natalia Y. -

    Natalia Y.

    I am happy to share the results of my participation in the healthy diet program developed by Olga Wings. I’ve known Olga for quite a long time, and I’ve always been surprised by her ability to complete perfectly whatever she has started. The same has happened to her healthy diet program. If talking about me, really, I am not a person who can go on a diet, I love to eat everything, but I don’t overeat. I’ve never had any problems with extra weight, but suddenly I seemed to get 5 extra kilos. To be honest, I was lazy to lose them. All my life I have kept within strict limits of what I can or can’t eat, but this time I relaxed and gained weight. I can also say that I got some issues with my health in addition, so I realized it was time to change something. I sent a request to the universe, and shortly I found what I had been looking for. At first, I was slightly skeptical, but Olga’s example, and my desire to feel better and lose weight supported and pushed me a lot. I can only say that the most difficult is to make the first step, that is, to go to the store and buy all the necessary products, then all will go like clockwork. I started eating more grains, which I never used to eat, excluded potatoes and other products made of white flour; now I purchase only wholegrain food. Moreover, I gave up coffee and alcohol, but I drink 2 liters of water a day and prefer herbal tea. Of course, I don’t eat any salty and spicy things. After 3 weeks my health problems practically disappeared, and I lost 2 kilos, I’d like to notice that I didn’t follow Olga’s advice 100%. I could allow myself to have some buns or a piece of chocolate in the evening. Nevertheless, there was a good result. Now my diet includes 70% grains; earlier it was only 5%. Everything depends on your habits. Of course, Olga’s constant participation in the process was a pleasure. At any moment you could ask any question, and you would ALWAYS get a competent answer. Additionally, the site is so conveniently arranged that there is no need to write or remember anything. The programme does everything, even recipes! You just take your phone, go to the store, buy products and cook food. Fast, tasty and healthy! Olga, I wish you great luck, please, keep on inspiring us by your positive life energy and belief that everything will be fine! I am looking forward to your new delicious recipes.

  • Irina V. -

    Irina V.

    Olya, in general, I tried to follow our diet plan, but… sometimes I substituted products… and I ate other products. It is so hard to avoid trying, especially when cooking for the entire family. A spoon here, a spoon there… However, I rarely feel thirsty. To be honest, I don’t drink even 1,5 liters on some days. Generally, I don’t feel hungry if I maintain 4-hour timing. I pay more attention to the product composition more often… Hi, Olechka! Well, that is what I managed to do. I am delighted because I realized that I could lose weight without any strict diets. Of course, if I had not broken the rules, I could have lost more. I am quite aware of that. I would like to thank you for all your work and wish you success in your work!

  • INNA L. -

    INNA L.

    Hello, Olenka! Thank you so much, both the weekend and especially my state of health are just great! I really feel fine. For the first time, I don’t have any stomachaches for such a long time, and there is not any discomfort inside. I have again creativitated with the plan, but I follow all your recommendations and advice in my recipes. I try to change my diet and cooking for better. I live with my husband, and I don’t want to cook separately for him and myself, that’s why the whole family is going to have healthy food. The timing is not a problem for me, I used to avoid snacks. Before my workout I eat only some nuts or a piece of dark chocolate. When I work out, I drink 2 liters of water, on the other days I, drink 1,2-1,5. I can’t give up eating sweet things. It seems to be my habit, I want to end up meals with something sweet. I indulge myself with cacao during lunch, but in the evening, it is a problem. I am happy with the changes, and I am not going to stop. Thank you so much one more time! Have a wonderful spring week))

Irina V. Report for 4 weeks

Stunning successes of Irina! Sometimes the question is not how much extra pounds you want to lose, but how to look slim and be healthy!

- 10 cm waist; - 4 cm thigh; - 3 cm hips; - 3,4 kg;


Inna L. 4 Week Report

Excellent results for 4 weeks, despite the fact that Inna did not adhere to the plan by 100%

- 7 cm waist; - 7 cm hips; - 3 cm thigh; - 2,5 kg;


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