Protein is a ally in our fight with excess weight
10 Jul

Protein is a ally in our fight with excess weight

One more ally in our fight with excess weight is protein.

Protein is one of the most important components of each cell in our body, that is why we cannot live without it. The recommended daily consumption of protein in most of the countries (according to Austrian, Swiss, and German nutrition societies) is 0.8 grams per 1 kg for healthy women, age 15-65. For pregnant and breastfeeding ladies, the recommendations are, of course, different but today, we are not covering it.

Which products are rich in protein? There are two types of protein: animal and vegetable, and you can find it in the following products:

- quinoa

- soy

- lentil

- beans

- walnuts

- almond

- flax seeds

- meat

- fish

- seafood

- eggs

- dairy

I recommend combining different protein sources in your ration to get the most useful elements. For example, fish is rich in useful fatty acids, Omega-3, and beans contain much fiber that promotes healthy metabolism. You can add nuts to any salat, and almonds will be a great topping for your morning oatmeal.

Moreover, the most wonderful thing is that foods that are rich in protein helps to lose extra weight!

How does it work? There are several explanations.

First of all, our organism takes a long time to digest protein, compared to carbs Thus, low-fat curd with fresh fruits for breakfast makes you feel full for a longer time than several sugary cookies.

Second of all, digesting protein is a complicated process, the organism would require 20% more energy to digest protein than to digest carbs.

Hence, you want to eat less, and more energy is spent to digest the food.

However, remember – all in good measure! Choose low-fat products and try not to overdo it. Because you can gain weight even if you eat chicken breast too much.

Moreover, of course, don’t forget that organism still needs fat and carbs combined with protein! Stick to healthy eating and enjoy delicious protein food, try new recipes and you will soon see amazing results!



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