How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?
20 Sep

How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

I have recently known from my client that she does not sleep well. I have explained her that a good sleep is vital for getting slim.

I’d like to share this information with you, as many people can’t even imagine the role of sleep in the process of losing weight. A lot of studies support the idea tht a good sleep promotes the process of losing weight.

How does it work?

The thing is that important processes of our body regeneration just occur at night and require a lot of energy. If you had a light dinner, our fat deposits turn into the main source of this regeneration energy. Thus, we get rid of unnecessary fat. If we sleep a little or our sleep is disturbed, the process of fat burning is also interrupted.

In other words, if our body does not get enough rest, the release of cortisol (stress hormone) is increased, which leads to preventing fat burning and, accordingly, to gaining weight.
In addition, in case of sleep shortage insulin necessary for burning weight is less active, the level of blood sugar is unstable, which results in “hunger attacks”. We want to eat something sweet as well as food with a great quantity of carbohydrates. Healthy sleep (7-8 hours) is a guarantee of your slim figure, beauty and health!

If you got interested and felt the information was quite useful, I will be glad to get your comments. Your feedback is of great importance for me.

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